Bringing Tom Wilson to Your Events

As a thought leader, author and presenter for his career expanding more then thirty years, Tom enjoys engaging audiences is meaningful discussions and creating insights.  His speaking style with your group will bring the information, ideas and stories included in Next Stage to life.

Thank you for your interest in considering Tom as a speaker for one of your upcoming events.  We know how critical it is to have someone that engages, informs, and helps your audience learn something special from the presentations you sponsor.

In addition to providing a summary of his landmark book, Next Stage, Tom can address specific issues related to this time of life transition that may be of special interest to your people.  Before any engagement, Tom wants to know about your audience, their characteristics and what they are most interested in.  He wants to understand how your group best enjoys hearing information and ideas that you want Tom to cover.  He believes in the importance of collaborating with you and tailoring the presentation to your unique needs.

Other suggested topics may include:

  • Moving into Uncertain Waters – Stages you may likely experience as you go through retirement.
  • Making the Money Math Work – What is important in understanding your financial condition as you enter retirement years.
  • Creating a New Identity – Developing a new perspective on who you are and what you do.

Fees and Expenses:

There is customarily a fee associated with Tom’s presentations.  We can discuss this based on your audience and situation.  Expenses associated with travel from Boston (or from his home in Concord, MA) will be additional and invoiced at cost.

Exploring the Invitation:

If this sounds interesting and important to you and your audience, please contact Tom directly by email at  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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For Media Interviews, create something like:

Tom would enjoy speaking with you about your article or other areas where you are conducting background research.  Please contact him directly at: