“Tom Wilson  gives  us  research  insight  and  wise  counsel  for  the retirement journey. This book helps us reimagine the next stage of this voyage with the real possibility of growing whole, not old.”

—Richard Leider

International bestselling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, & Life Reimagined


“No matter how you feel about earlier stages of your life, Tom’s sound advice will help your NEXT STAGE be better. It’s not too late to live the life you love!”

— Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom



“NEXT STAGE comprehensively addresses the dilemma of many successful   executives   “now   what”?   Tom   Wilson’s   research   and conclusions are a must read for those of us who treasure relevance and meaning independent of age.”

— Thomas F. Casey Jr.

Author of Executive Transitions 2  Leveraging  Past  Experience  For  Future  Success!


Amazon Customer
★★★★This is a very useful guidebook to the later stages of life.

Tom Wilson has done a very good job of synthesizing a lot of ideas and approaches to retirement: practical, financial. emotional, even philosophical. I especially like the analysis of retirement “types” described in Ch.8. By cataloging these various personae, Wilson dispels any notion that retirement implies the absence of something. I am even thinking about creating a new business card that describes me, instead of attorney at law, as “Activist”. Well done.


thomas casey
★★★★Great Primer

Mr. Wilson’s book was unique in it’s comprehensiveness and helpfulness regarding the whole spectrum of retirement decisions and insights.


Laurence J. Stybel
★★★★★ Practical and Thoughtful Approach to “What’s Next?” in Your Life.

Tom Wilson is the founder of a compensation consulting firm and the author of several books in the field of compensation systems. Like any good compensation professional, Tom Wilson has presented a book that combines evidence with practical suggestions.

The evidence part consists of summaries of extensive research to support his ideas.

The practical suggestions are in the form of specific exercises to be done.

Many books in this field approach the topic of retirement from a silo perspective: there are books about eating, exercising, investing, and defining the work you wish to do.

This is a useful contribution to the field in that it looks at this complex issue from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

It has the added advantage of being written by someone who knows how to write in an engaging style.


Punta Cana
★★★★★ A helpful reference

“Next Stage” is a helpful reference for retirees and a primer for those considering retirement. What makes this book different is that along with practical advice, the author outlines thought provoking personal considerations to contemplate as life changes with this next stage. Mr. Wilson provides a useful framework for approaching and living a fulfilling life in retirement.


Douglas S. Hardy
★★★★Replaces a shelf of other retirement books

Lots of books focus on just one part of retirement — money, health, etc. NEXT STAGE pulls off an amazing feat: In just about 200 pages, t tells you what you need to know about creating a satisfying, safe and inspiring life in retirement. Wilson covers money, health, relationships, how and where to live, and the huge but amorphous question, “Who Are You Going to Be?” He does this with solid math, relatable stories, good humor and a reassuring message that it’s possible to keep growing until they cart you away. I’ve written a number of how-to books on practical matters like careers, and my hat’s off to Wilson’s combination of brevity and depth. Highly recommended!


Anna Huckabee Tull

This wonderful book helps you start asking yourself all the right questions. The more you dare to ask yourself about what you want, the more there is to learn and grow into. Wilson invites you to create a MASTER PLAN and then guides you through it by showing you how. We all should have one and now, with competent, well-researched guidance and encouragement, we CAN!


★★★★★ Next Stage could change your life

Retirement–If you are considering, approaching, beginning, or already in it, Next Stage is a powerfully-stimulating tool to help you achieve the life you want. Wilson identifies five key dimensions of contentment (joy, relations, money, health, and focus) and helps readers define their goal in each. Yet his greatest gift is mindfulness, gently suggesting, then urging it, then providing a concrete practical step-by-step process to empower the reader. Next Stage could change your life.


★★★★★ An excelent retirement guide

A wonderfully written book covering the full spectrum of considerations as one approaches retirement. Filled with technical information on aging, health and finances, as well as thought provoking sections on life goals and strategies to chart your future. Great stories of people that Tom has interviewed and how they have transitioned from careers into their new, after work, lives. An excellent contribution to an important subject.


Richard Rafoth
★★★★★ Comprehensive guide to strategizing for your retirement.

A well written guide for those approaching retirement and interested in taking a proactive approach to this next stage of their lives. A comprehensive and holistic approach which uses a series of questions to assist you in setting your goals and pulling together a plan to move forward.


linda wilson
★★★★★ Tom Wilson will not only guide you through the stages of your life but will thrill you as well!

When I first met Tom Wilson he was nine years old. He was tucked away in his closet writing a “book.” Since then he has continued to pen many; I might say he is retiring laptop, but oh I hope not! This book is a must for anyone who longs for a book brimming with excellence!


★★★★★ So much great advice! Worth every penny!

Such a great book! Really insightful and filled with great information. I couldn’t recommend it more.